KNOW YOURSELF Essential life skill is the first priority to finding purpose and improving your life. LEARN MORE Your full potential is mapped to your name and birth date forming your Life Blueprint.

We offer a cutting-edge method to help you discover yourself, your purpose, and how to live your best life.

This is all about you!

Stop wasting time, money, and emotional energy stumbling through day to day. Cut to the chase and discover what your Life Blueprint assigned to you at birth reveals. MM2’s proven scientific algorithms decode your name and date of birth, turning the secrets they hold into a comprehensive navigation tool to accelerate the process for finding your purpose. With this personalized blueprint report, you will gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, limitations, opportunities for development, and where your open doorways lie in each distinct age cycle from childhood through adulthood.

Want to speed up the process for getting to know yourself?   

To start with, you will need to know what your Life Blueprint report discloses about you.
Here’s what you can expect to learn about yourself:

Because every person is unique, so is your Life Blueprint report, generated specifically for you. The MM2 blueprint is a powerful tool customized expressly for you and your distinctive situation, as well as for your family, your friends, and even for partner matching. 

What’s in your Blueprint?

You’ll discover how you are technically “wired” from the inside out, revealing who you are, how you operate, what motivates you, and what areas you should grow and develop based on a realistic evaluation of yourself.

Benefits of your Blueprint

It’s like having your own personalized navigation system to finding purpose and fulfillment, telling you how to avoid unnecessary pitfalls along your journey, and get where you want to go faster and easier.

Proven Scientific Methods

MM2 uses Chaldean mathematical ancient science and computer technology to produce personalized blueprint reports for you based on your name and date of birth. We didn’t invent it, but we did rediscover it decades ago. These principles have proven to be accurate, measurable and predictable – the ultimate equation for finding patterns and proof in human behavior.

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