Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone 18 or older can order products for yourself, family, friends or anyone you seek information on.

A full birth name and date of birth as written on your original birth certificate.

Personal information is presented in four modules that include your intellect, emotion, personality, purpose, emotional and physical development areas, life lessons and opportunities.

The accuracy of your report is based on the information you’ve given to MM2 and is valid from birth to advanced age. If you are a young Millennial, and lack experiences, then some of the “future” information may not seem relevant at your present age. Based on your experiences, choices, and free will determine what decisions you will make along your journey and can supersede any information provided.

Absolutely! By comparing personal information from your report to that person of interest.

For accuracy, use the name as it was exactly spelled on your birth certificate – even if your name was misspelled.

If you are positive that you know the correct date of birth (and it was not corrected on your birth certificate), then you can use the date of birth you know to be correct; however, this is not the case with the birth name.

Accuracy is based on receiving the correct name and date of birth.

Then you will have to use the adopted full birth name and date of birth. If this is the case, you will not know what your assigned birth potential is that comes from the name on your original birth certificate to compare with the name you were legally given when adopted. The information won’t be 100% accurate because it’s essential to compare your birth name to a legal name change to see the differences of before and after. If you don’t know your birth name, then your adopted name will provide you with the current focus of your capabilities.

If you don’t like your birth name and are using another name that was not legally changed, then you will still want to use your full birth name – not a nickname.

Your birth name reveals your personal characteristics and behavior traits (emotion, personality purpose and life lessons).

Your date of birth reveals your development areas (intellect, emotional and physical development areas or challenges and opportunities).

The only legal names that count are your birth name as written on your original birth certificate and your current full legal name. Any other legal name changes are no longer relevant.

Most of the time you will go backwards with a name change because you came in with a better blueprint than what you exchanged it for. When you legally change your name, the characteristics (traits) subject to change are your (1) emotion, (2) personality and (3) purpose because the name reveals only those three traits. A legal name change can result in (1) no change from your birth blueprint; (2) one that is slightly different or (3) one that is drastically different from your birth blueprint, causing you great discomfort if the behavioral traits from the two sets of blueprints are not well-suited or compatible.

You will need two reports – one for your birth name and the second one for your legal name change. You will need Program A and Program B.

Your Life Blueprint is your full potential assigned to you at birth and a report that holds secrets about your core essence. When you legally change your name, you alter that potential. The only way to know if there is a conflict between names is by ordering both reports to compare the effect of your legal name.

No, actually what you will learn is considered to be a prerequisite for any resource you may seek and is compatible with any personal development program. The information about yourself will expedite your personal growth and understanding of how you are wired from the inside out (your core essence) – not from the outside in which is more of a superficial way of looking at yourself.

You may not be in total agreement with some of the content we have provided that pertains to you. Should this happen, there are reasons why this may be the case. First, of all, if your name(s) were misspelled or your date of birth was written incorrectly, then your reports would not be correct. Many times, the name that was written on the original birth certificate and the birth name you are using may be two different spellings; hence, giving two different readings. If you have provided the correct information and you still cannot identify with the content provided, it’s typically the result of being out of touch with yourself, or in denial as to how far off track you’ve become.