Life Blueprint

Your blueprint report is written as a 4-module program that will reveal how you are technically “wired” from the inside out – not from the outside in. Each module is set up to lead you to the next module in a specific numerical order. The components found in each module must work independently, and together, in order for you to traverse what we call your “obstacle course.” This determines your personal development level in this lifetime, which can take decades to master if you are not prepared to work through challenges that you have avoided confronting.

Types of Blueprint Reports

We offer two types of blueprint reports. The first was developed for those individuals who go by their birth name (Program A). This is the comprehensive birth report that holds the secrets to who you are. Everyone should have this blueprint, as it represents the foundational design assigned to you at birth and is written as your Life Blueprint.

The second report, a partial blueprint, or Blueprint Addendum was developed for those individuals who have legally changed their birth name (Program B). If you fall under this category, then you will need both blueprints. When there’s a legal name change, only the three traits the name reveals can ever change (emotion, personality, and purpose). The rest of the other components in Program A remain the same, and that’s why you will need both reports. The new set of traits can be identical to the birth name traits, slightly different, or drastically different. The Blueprint Addendum report will enable you to know what the effects are of the name change if any, based on the new mathematical recalculations.

Shown below is what’s included in your Life Blueprint and Blueprint Addendum reports.

Full-Scale Blueprint Report
Blueprint Addendum (Partial Report)


Core Characteristics
Module 1


Development Areas
Module 2


Life Lessons
Module 3


Opportunity Cycles
Module 4

Module #1 – Core Characteristics


The following four behavioral traits (Intellect, Emotion, Personality and Purpose) make up your Core Characteristics. Each plays a very specific role in your life – acting like an individual contributor. Imagine coordinating all the contributors without a map to navigate your way.

Your Intellect is your mental aspect and controlling factor that determines your reality of receiving, perceiving, and judging. It is the primary trait that influences all decisions you make based upon your fixed mindsets and interests.

Your Emotion is a driving force behind human behavior and will be a factor in decisions you make based upon your expression type and interests.

Your Personality forms the first real impression you make on others and is the physical aspect that influences the way you come across to others; and how they are likely to react to you.

Your Purpose reveals your life’s mission and what you have available to express yourself in the world to gain the most out of living. It’s what your higher self wants you to be but only you can decide if and how you wish to accomplish mission goals.

Module #2 – Development Areas


Core Development Areas are broken down into two categories; emotional and physical periods of time (cycles) that are the challenges you are likely to experience. Both development cycles are intertwined.

Emotional Development Cycles are unique to you. These areas are calculated into three age ranges from birth to advanced age. Each age range is meant to be more progressive than the last one, so you become further developed and integrated as a human being in order to achieve your full capabilities.

Physical Development Cycles are unique to you and are calculated into four areas. The first, second, and third development cycles are challenges that have an associated age range with each cycle for the purpose of guiding and development you throughout time.

The fourth development cycle is your main challenge and is felt throughout your entire life. This challenge influences all of the years of your life where the others are a stated period of time. The main challenge will have an impact on any situation that arises in your life’s experiences. Tackling obstacles early on will put you on the fast track!

Module #3 – Life Lessons


Your eight (8) Life Lessons play a major role in your overall development and are unique to you. Each of these lessons is assigned a rating that pinpoints areas you are deficient in, making it easy for you to prioritize the lessons to conquer first above all others. If the rating falls below the minimum requirements, the lesson will be identified and explained in your report. Those Lessons that meet minimum life requirements will not be addressed but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to make any improvements in those specific areas.

When life lessons are developed, they enhance your personal growth. If you choose not to develop areas identified as challenges, those lessons left unresolved will affect your ability to live up to your potential assigned to you at birth and make your journey more difficult.

Listed below are the eight life lesson categories that play a major role in your overall development.

Develop Leadership Skills
This lesson requires you to develop soft skills first; conflict avoidance (confrontation) and communications – that must work together in sync.

Overcome Sensitivity & Avoidance of Confrontation
Developing this lesson is critical to expediting your overall personal growth. This is one of the two key development areas that determine your success in life.

Develop Creativity, Self-Expression & Communication Skills
Developing this lesson is critical to expediting your overall personal growth and is the second key development area that determines your success in life.

Establish Life’s Foundation – Stability & Security
This lesson requires you to work on not being opinionated, stubborn or rigid. This is because you react unfavorably to change and innovation, especially if you are a perfectionist with high-work ethics.

Manage Freedom, Change & Responsibility
This lesson requires you maintain balance in your life – if you need freedom and change, but without avoiding your responsibilities.

Work on Relationships & Service to Others
This lesson requires you resolve your issues with self-esteem, emotional sensitivities, insecurities, and avoiding confrontation in order to set boundaries to improve your interpersonal relationships.

Balance Intellect & Spirituality
This lesson requires you develop your technical and intellectual skills, while seeking a deeper meaning in your life (spirituality) to know what moving forward in the absence of visible proof is all about as you seek knowledge and truth.

Attain Ambition & Success
This lesson requires you learn how to make and manage money – sometimes the hard way, through accumulating debt.

Module #4 – Opportunity Cycles


The Opportunity Cycles identify your overall potential for success assigned in four age ranges that orbits your relationships and business dealings.

Special opportunities present themselves during your life span as if doors will open to an expanded life. These opportunities come and go. When you’re ready to take action, you can bring shifts in career, mental outlook, emotional attitude, relationships and focus on goals.

Positive steps allow you to make strides in personal development, overcome areas that trapped you in the past or prevented you from taking advantage of an opportunity offered during your life.

The First Opportunity Cycle is most critical because the decisions you make during this age range have a far-reaching impact on the rest of your life.

This period of time starts at birth and lasts between twenty-five and thirty-five years.

The Second Opportunity Cycle brings about open-door opportunities, provided you are working through challenges that trapped you in the past.

This period of time will last nine years.

The Third Opportunity Cycle will make you feel ready and confident to take on new opportunities – more than in past cycles. Opportunities include getting your affairs in order and making decisions you’ve put off.

This period of time will last nine years.

The Fourth Opportunity Cycle can be exciting and rewarding. It’s a time when you will want to move towards fulfilling your goals that will have an enormous impact on what you will experience in this latter part of life based on your choices.

This period of time is your fourth and final Opportunity Cycle that lasts the remainder of your life.