For Individuals Who Go By Their Birth Name
Instructions for Entering Your Personal Information:
  • Enter Birth Name

    Enter your full "legal" birth name as written on your original birth certificate (first, middle and last names) - even if any name was misspelled.

  • Enter Middle Name

    If you do not have a middle name, just leave it blank. If your middle name is only an initial and not spelled out, then enter your middle initial only, and if you have a middle name, then enter your full middle name.

  • Do Not Enter Extensions

    Jr., Sr., III etc. are considered to be extensions. Do not enter ANY EXTENSION added to a name; enter the NAME ONLY.

  • Do Not Enter Characters

    Do not use any symbols, punctation marks or numbers. Spaces should not affect the calculation and are necessary by default.

  • Enter Your Date of Birth
Please fill in the information below to generate your report.

Birth Name
First Name
Middle Name or Middle Initial
(If you do not have a middle name, just leave it blank.)
Last Name


Note: Please double check for typos and accurary before proceeding.